Iyo Rose, born in 1983 in Grenoble, France, is an accomplished musician and a Franco-German painter. Since her youngest age, she has been living in a musical atmosphere and has been awarded a flute concert postgraduated diploma (diplôme supérieure de Concertiste) at the Ecole Normale Alfred Cortot in Paris in 2008.
She enjoys interpreting music in the mind of composers, but she has a stronger desire to create and leave behind something palpable, real.

In painting she finds a new way of expressing herself. When she is painting nothing else exists, time stops. By painting, she leaves a trace and thus tames the ephemeral aspect of interpretation.
Some of her paintings are sets of light that vary throughout the day, thus taking life.

She loves the challenge of creating tailor-made works adapting the dimensions, colors and character of the work to a space or a place. This is how the series "Mural Absorption" was born, a concept that allows bright wall colors to be absorbed by the painting so that they become one. The painting absorbs the color of the wall and restores its slightly shaded color according to the angle of view. It can thus change its appearance according to the wall on which it is located, it remains "alive" in this "mural absorption".